Thursday, February 18, 2010

Why We All Need to Watch -Food Inc. The Movie

Are you hungry for change? If so, listen up!! I recently watched the movie "Food Inc" this Academy Award Nominee for Best Documentary opened my eyes to the great disconnect between industrialized society and the food we eat. This movie exposes the "dirty secrets" behind the American food industry and how a few multinational corporations control what is produced, how it is produced and what ends up in your table.

As a fast-food nation and consumers of such food, there is a high demand for these corporations to produce "super sized" chickens kept in crowded conditions and fed antibiotics, tomatoes and soybeans that are resistant to herbicides and meat that have been the cause of new strains of E.coli, causing 73,000 illness per year.

As a vegan, although I do not consume these foods, I believe it is important to understand these issue which affect our friends, our families and our nation. It is better to be an informed consumer so we can make intelligent choices when it comes to food. So please spread the word to your colleagues, friends, neighbors about this amazing movie!

Click Food Inc. for more information.

If you would like to watch the movie, you can rent it or buy online on demand at, this is what I did. (Disclaimer:
I am not getting paid to advertise for this company!)

Watch the Food Inc. Movie Tralier Below!!

FOOD, INC.: Movie Trailer - Celebrity bloopers here
Keep on learning and sharing the wealth that is knowledge!!

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