Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cake Decorating 101- The Miss Adventures Begin!

So if there is anything you need to know about me is that I love cakes and cupcakes!! I wish I could eat cupcakes all day, it would be great, but then I'd probably been in pretty bad shape both physically and mentally. I am also obsessed with Ace of Cakes, Cake Boss and any other cake show on television. If I could marry anyone, it would be Duff, from Ace of Cakes!! A man who is talented enough to make cakes with a blow torch, is my kind of guy!

In my quest to make every recipe I come across a vegan version, I decided to sign up for the Wilton Cake Basic cake decorating class. Yesterday was my first attempt ever to decorate a cake!

First off, my first attempt did not go off without it's glitches... I am definitely not Martha Stewart! So my cakes, in order to keep it somewhat vegan, I resisted the instruction on the cake mix box and did not add the eggs... This was a big mistake!! My cakes were too moist and so fragile that they almost split in half when I tried to transfer them to my decorating wheel. Oh my!

What is a girl supposed to do when everyone else in class has 2 perfectly round solid cakes to work with? The lessons learned from this assignment was: 1. Add the eggs (I am not eating the cake anyway!) 2. Make your cake ahead of time, not the same day of the class! This will allow for the cake to settle and be sturdier for decorating.

Although the cakes were a miss, my homemade buttercreme frosting was the right consistency! Yeah for me, 1 out of 2 is not terribly bad :) So the things I am learning, I will put to use and learn how to make vegan versions of everything!

Here are some photographs of my cake. The design was supposed to be a rainbow, but we ran out of time and they were hurrying us up to leave, so they could close the store. Therefore, I only used the orange frosting I had.

Happy Cooking!!!

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